Variations of the technology can benefit the following applications…


The latest Intellectual Propery is now being refined in application programmes with global manufactures.


Acceleration: No time is lost due to power disengagement. This directly results in track position advantage.

Simple Example: 50ms coasting/change x 30 changes/lap x 60 laps = 90 seconds acceleration advantage over 90 seconds deceleration.


Reduced Operating Costs: Improved efficiency by minimising momentum loss during shifts.
Logistical Benefits: Zeroshift optimises the impact of the new Working Time Directive by reducing time to destination.


Work Cycle Efficiency:Improved efficiency by minimising momentum loss during shifts. This gives reduced fuel consumption and/or improved work cycles.


Zeroshift is constantly expanding its portfolio of Intellectual Property whilst maintaining focus on developing the Zeroshift principle.

Development work is not limited to transmission design. Our projects encompass a diverse range of markets.