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Zeroshift - Automated Manual Transmission

The World’s most advanced AMT with seamless shifts.

Zeroshift technology is a seamless instantaneous means of changing gear ratios without interrupting the engine torque to the wheels. What this means is a manual or automated manual transmission (AMT) can have refinement like a traditional torque converter based planetary automatic transmission and the benefits of superior fuel economy and performance.

Zeroshift is less expensive to manufacture than a continuously variable transmission (CVT) or a dual clutch transmission (DCT).

The fundamental components of Zeroshift are two drive rings that replace a synchromesh pack within an existing transmission. These drive rings are easy to shift via small shift forks. The shift forks are light so may be shifted by conventional hydraulic / pneumatic methods or by a novel shift by wire technique. The basic gearbox architecture and single dry clutch are retained.

Zeroshift compares favourably with existing transmission technologies. The manual and automatic are well established with niche technologies like CVT, AMT and DCT having their own particular benefits. Zeroshift establishes a lead over all these technologies. The benefits of fuel economy, CO2 reduction, performance, shift quality, compactness, light weight and low manufacturing cost are all first rate.

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  • Bright Sparc Award
  • SAE International
  • Frost Sullivan Award

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