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   Ducati News Today
Top Gear Australia 
   Top Gear Australia
Giving Honda's MOTO GP racers an edge? 
Giving Honda's MOTO GP racers an edge?                                                        Printed with permission from Motorcyclist 
Zeroshift helps supercar set faster acceleration times 
Zeroshift Joss Supercar Press Release
Zeroshift helps new supercar set faster acceleration times 
Motociclismo Article
Ensure performance, fuel economy, limit pollution                                                Thanks to Motociclismo
    2011 Portugal Moto GP
    Amazing feeling, you just press a button
Australian Motor Cycle News
As seen in Australian Motorcycle News www.amcn.com.au  
Seamless Transition
8 Speed Transmission
Motor Magazine
Edge of a breakthrough                        Thanks to Motor Magazine for providing article www.motor-magazine.nl
Evo Magazine 
Motor Magazine 
Truck & Bus Article
European Truck + Bus Technology
Making a smooth shift
Diesel Progress Article

Diesel Progress
Stepping it up a gear

AutoCar Pro Article
Autocar Professional
Radical shift
Engine Technology article
Holy Grail for transmissions makers (page 1) (page 2)

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